Monday, July 23, 2012

History, Atheists and the Cosmic Sulk

87. Beautiful Discord II (Lord of History and Right)
I have heard both versions of the story,
And both are right.
I have heard both sides of the disagreement,
And both are right.

For I serve
The Lord of History
And the Lord of Right,
And the expanse of His Dominions,
Is lo, wide!

The reason why we learn history is to learn the curve and momentum of past events. For what transpired yesterday is the seed of both present and future occurrences.

If this is what you see, you have already missed the ball.
To hit the ball you must anticipate. And to anticipate
you must understand history.
If you learn the throw of a baseball pitcher, after the one hundred thousandth pitch, you can make a very good estimate as to how fast the ball is flying and its trajectory just by observing the stance of the player.

Bums in the air, brows on the ground,
in prostration before God... alhamdulillah.
The future is a lot like that too. Indeed, according to the Mawlana of the little town of Lefke, Cyprus, our Lord God has not hidden anything, and nothing is veiled from us. For how would He be known as God Most Fair and Just, if He has not bestowed upon us the means to understand Him and unlock the workings of the Universe? "I have hidden nothing." God says. "I have veiled nothing."

Alas, it is we who are often veiled. And because we cannot comprehend God and Creation, some people are inclined to blame God. Then it is only a bus stop away from disbelief. So it is not disbelief that Atheists feel, but dissatisfaction. I guess you can call it a Cosmic Sulk.

I must shower now. I am not sulking, I am waiting for the sky to rain celestial pearl drops to wrest the dirt from my body, and the sins from my spirit.

Have a lovely shower, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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