Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Spilling Cups of Tea - Love the Eternal Opposites and God The Eternal Assurance

The Eternal Opposites
& The Eternal Assurance

Love is easy
And Love is not,

Love is Mercy
And Love is God!

As a vessel of very human emotions and peccadilloes, we often make life difficult for ourselves. Love is easy, but this certain condition of the human species makes it hard for us sometimes to assimilate love in our daily life - If a friend betrays your confidence, do you still feel the love? If your mate makes a cutting remark about your family, do you still feel the love? If your employer says that he has to cut overtime this month, do you still feel the love? If a policeman pulls you over for talking on your cellphone while driving, do you still feel the love? If a waiter accidentally spills a cup of tea on your nice clean shirt, do you still feel the love?

Ah, such is life, that our cup of love often spills just as the cup of tea did, and we feel irritated and angry. No love there, just a predominant thought running through our ruffled soul, "I want to speak to the manager now!"

But thankfully, to my heart, the highest manifestation of Love is Mercy. And Mercy by any other name is ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim, being God's most beloved names (He admits it!) and divine attributes as the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful. Call unto Me by My Beautiful Names, Call unto Me for support, guidance and reward, God said. Call unto Me, for verily, I made thee of a weak nation and often vacillating between good and evil, right and wrong. Call unto My forgiveness, for I want to forgive thee. That is God to me. The Eternal Assurance.

I write nothing new really. I just kinda rehash the same ol' kindergarten truths passed down through the ages by your own ancestors. But I guess I need to remind myself of such blessings, each and every day. Lest I forget that even if Life and Love can at times be tough, God is Most Merciful and His crowning glory of mercy in all Creation is His most Beloved, our Prophet Muhammad Habibullah(pbuh).

There. A happy ending for a posting. I leave you now to continue your journey to your own happy ending.

Take care, sunshine. Have mercy - don't call the manager and overlook other people's errors, that God might show you forgiveness too and overlook your own habits of spilling cups of tea. He he he. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way
And the Way is Mercy


Ash said...

Mika looks cute here :)

Milky Tea said...

He does, doesn't he? Well... ya know... God sketched him...