Monday, July 23, 2012

True Love and the Faithfulness of Dogs

True Love
True love is casting aside,
All pretense and all preconception,
Discarding all your mask and deception,
Throwing away all your thoughts of wisdom,
Setting aside all desire for wealth or station,
And to be instead the dog at the master’s door,
Loyal and attentive, quick to obey,
Thus Katmir stayed true to
The Sleepers of the Cave,
Day after day after
Many, many 

I wanted to begin this posting with a cautious advice – “So, choose your true love well!” But the simple truth of things is that in this Reality it is not we who choose true love, but True Love Who chooses us. True Love being God Almighty.

Reference to Katmir the Dog is in reference to the Biblical / Quranic story of the Sleepers of the Cave and the faithful hound. His story was covered previously in 'The Holy Quran, Mr. Ikhlas and Katmir the Dog - Man's Best Friend '(Click Here to read).

True Love has chosen to create and honour mankind. So truth be told, we are ALL loved. It is often our own foolishness and very human nature to err that builds obstacles and walls to our perception of True Love.

So our job today is to set aside the walls and obstacles between our perception and God. And to do so with patience and fortitude. And to sometimes set aside our own preconceptions of what religion is, what God is and the role the Prophet(pbuh) plays in our personal lives. This is not necessarily easy, especially for sinners like me. But if Katmir can be good, why can’t we?

And he is just a dog! Perhaps we should learn more from dogs... Click Here to read 'Seven Reasons why Dogs are like Saints - Near Sibu 2011 Part 2.'

"Learn from dogs? Never have I heard such a preposterous idea!" comments Moses the Cat.
But he is bias. Like all creatures and animals, there is much to learn from dogs.

Have a lovely Monday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Cik Tina said...


I came across your blog while searching for information on the late, Almarhum Sultan Azlan Shah. This article in particular caught my eyes.

I love dogs, i do.. i believe they are magnificent animals, like you. However, i cannot bring myself to compare dogs with cats. they are different species altogether with different traits.

I believe, there are many we can learn from cats too.

Like Mark Twain used to say "We could cross a man with cats, it will improve the man, but deteriorate the cat"

Rightly so, i think..


Milky Tea said...

Salams Cik Tina

Cats and Dogs! The cosmic balance is achieved! Hehehe.

Thank you for dropping in my little cubbyhole. Come again and tell me what Mark Twain is thinking!

God bless you always,