Saturday, July 14, 2012

God, You Draw Me Near, So Make Me Yours... - nature of knowledge, man, believers and atheists.

You Draw Me Near
O’ Lord,
First You were a word in a book,
Then You became a book of dos and don’ts.
The teachers made me think You mean and calculative,
Vengeful and petty, how wrong were they!
Later You became unknown to me,
As I began to grasp at straws and thinking,
What they say of You… it surely cannot be!

As I grew older
You became the first murmur of young love,
Your Beauty reflected in the glorious,
All-conquering face of Eve,
Love's Divine demanding devotion from an Adam,
Till I fell senseless into Your ocean...

And You became to me my search for solace,
As I nurse my broken heart between
The horizons of Your sympathy,
And You assured me,
"Oh son of Adam,
Do not worry…"

O’ Lord,
My Dear Loving Lord,
What are You to me now?
You are my beautiful memories
Of my mother and kin long dead,
You are my wakeful moment,
My restful sleep,
You are the forgiving hand of a friend,
You are the icing on the cake,
The slice of apple pie,
The birds in the sky,
The fishes in the sea.
You are all like that,
But none at all,
For You are You
And only You.

My Lord,
Your meaning grows
With each book I read
With each breath I take,
With each tears I shed.
With each smile
And laughter,
You draw me near.

As I have recorded before somewhere in this strange repository called the Sinners' Almanac, some scientists look to science to explain God, to expand their understanding of His magnificent creation and how we fit into His scheme. Other scientists however look to science to explain away God.

But in doing so, they narrow down their definition of God. They look at the bombs of the 'religious' terrorists and say, "Ah, that is God's handiwork!" They look at the hate-filled speeches of priests and say, "See, that is God speaking!" Then they will say, "What a violent hateful thing God is!", and thus they conclude... "God is not good for the world. Belief in God is not good for the world, and I shall find evidence to prove He does not exist, to STOP all this hate." Indeed, if you think this way, can you act any other way? But they are wrong. Their initial error drawing for them a false and misleading conclusion, leading them to further and further error.

Our understanding of God rises with each sunrise, and does not set in the evening, though the celestial orb comes to rest in the West.

God does not possess hate, it is Man, with our unruly passion, our discrimination, our impatience and our ego that makes hate. It is the journey from hate to love, from hubris to humility, from ignorance to wisdom that makes our life worth living.

I am sure those who do not believe in You, o' Lord, believes in love. What a strange thing life is that the best of sentiments cast a different light between the believers of God and the Atheists...

Make Me Yours
My dear Lord,
The way I feel for You
Makes me want to possess You.

But I cannot,
So possess me instead,
And make me Yours.

Thank you for coming by, sunshine. Have a lovely Sabbath.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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