Friday, July 20, 2012

Today is lovely, but I assure you tomorrow will be lovelier... it's Ramadhan!

201. Windfall from the Lote Tree for Father
Thou have come this far,
O’ beloved companion.
Thou have survived birth,
Childhood and the rebellious
Years of youth.

Thou have come this far,
And for all the trouble
That harried thy way
Thou art here today.

O’ thou beloved companion,
O’ thou oft-blessed friend,
O’ thou shining pearl of Muhammad,
Thou have come this far.
Anything more is a windfall
From the Lote Tree.

How lucky art thee!

Indeed, you are. And now this morning, you are at the cusp of the Month of Ramadhan. A mere hours away from the end of today and the beginning of the holy month of fasting, which is the joy for many of my brethren. For my non-Muslim readers, let it be known that for Muslims, the day begins with sunset, thus the 1st of Ramadhan begins upon the call of the muezzin for the Maghrib prayers today, and fasting begins tomorrow at day break until the sun sets on the blessed Sabbath. There... sorted, first day of fasting!

In 2008, the sinner recorded 300 prose during this month. The above poem was the 201th of that collection. I wonder where and how I found the time to do so. Was I even working? I doubt whether I will be as productive this year, but we will see...

o' Ramadhan... is that thou knocking on my door?

This is wishing all my friends and readers, all my sunshine that brightens my grey sky, the very best, the very 'goodest' Ramadhan of your life. For each breath we take is better than the one before. Each day we live is better than yesterday, and tomorrow will, insyaAllah be more awesome. And this Ramadhan shall surely trounce all other past Ramadhan of yours... So long as we recall God in His Most Merciful aspects, and His most benevolent gift to the Worlds, being the reason for creation itself - Muhammad Habibullah, the Red Rose, the Most Gracious, Most Beautiful Flower in Heavenly Bloom in God's Garden of Recreation.

Have a lovely day, sunshine. But I assure you, tomorrow will be lovelier... it's Ramadhan!

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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