Friday, July 27, 2012

The Solace of Silence - love conquers words all the time...

Words and Love
Words have built empires
As Caesar exhorted his legions to greater conquests,
Words have raised glorious domes and minarets
As the Ottoman Caliph said ‘O' Sinan, build!’
Words are the crucible of invention
For someone had to teach Edison to think,
Words is a vortex of hate
As preachers, politicians and demagogues
Spout their litany of anger and bigotry,
Words unleashed the power of the atom
As Oppenheimer debated with his fellow scientists,
Words have released Man from ignorance
As Ibn Arabi and Ibn Sina
Called on people to reflect and think,
Words have killed countless millions
In the name of religion
And in the name of reason….

Words have done this
And so much more
For good or evil...
But words lose all the time
When matched with love,
With nothing to say or
Very little.

We humans are really strange. For we can hopelessly fall in love, or fall deeper in love even when no words are uttered, and no words heard. I suppose this is strongest felt in our bond with our dearly departed. With our late fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers. Our dearly missed friends and masters.

And sometimes, this happens with our living loved ones. A touch of the hand, a glance from a pair of dark-brown eyes, an embrace, a kiss.

Some of my most dearly loved ones are no more with me. Some I have not heard a word uttered from their lips for years, decades even. While some, only recently that they fell silent.

But in the separation that saddens us and in the silence that surrounds us, sometimes we can yet sense the most loving attention, a communication without words, enveloping us like a beautiful spring morning.

I am sure you understand what I mean.

*… silence …*

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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