Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Transfixed by a Vision of Hu - preparing for the inevitable meeting, and how you (yes, you!) are involved.

Transfixed by a Vision of Hu
My spirit is transfixed by you, o’ Vision
Your far-off lighthouse shining like a beacon
For my soul ship adrift far from home
That is by Your side and in Your presence!

My spirit is mystified and besotted by you, o’ Vision
Your love gently washing upon my shore
Like some Heavenly tide raised by
The Full Moon of Muhammad!

Lo, if I could come closer to You!
Lo, if I could fly to You so that neither
Would my head touch the sky
Nor my feet touch the earth!

Then would I know defeat -
Vanquished and consumed,
To cease thinking and being,
To cease being born of
Some fair maiden birth!

I am glad I am a confounded sinner. A do-little-good and do-much-bad kinda fella. So people generally don't expect too much of me. Thus, I don't hold it against God Almighty if He (in His Infinite wisdom) also feels the same way. In my Heavenly High School yearbook, I am unlikely to be voted by anyone as The-Soul-Most-Likely-To-Save-The-World. I think God and the Prophet would be well pleased if I am able to save just myself.

But then again, how can I even vouch for myself? I cannot nor do I want to. Coming into my 42nd year of living on this PlanetMTV, I am fairly certain that when the day comes and my deeds are weighed on the holy Mizan (Divine Scale), I will be needing some SERIOUS Divine intervention and mercy...

So I am asking God right now for His Mercy and the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) for his intercession on my behalf, so that there would not be any nasty surprises for me when the time comes when I need help. So no holy excuses like 'there is an awfully long queue for mercy here...' or 'well, our mercy quota is kinda full right now... please try again next time. Oh wait, sorry. there will be no next time...'

So thank you kindly, sunshine, for coming in today. Honest, I am extraordinarily thankful... because when that not-to-be-delayed time comes and Taufiq will be sweating for fear of all his past wickedness coming to roost, I will have to call on you to bear witness that on this day, 17th of July 2012, I wrote this posting asking God for His Everlasting Forgiveness and the Prophet(pbuh) for his prophetic intercessions as God's Own Mercy to the Worlds.

I know you are a generous person and possessing a kindly soul. Just the sort of person that God loves. So your words and testimony to mitigate my malfeasance will go a long way to square me with God... And if you think otherwise, if you think that God shan't care for what you will say... then let me share with you my view - from where I am looking, you are a shining star... and our Most Loving God, is in truth, the Most Attentive to His creation, however high and noble, however low and miserable.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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