Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Waiting for God, East of My Sea - loneliness, associations and the world of the heart

East of My Sea
Oh You, where are You?
Oh You, where am I?
Oh You, who are You
Cast in a Light so Divine?

Oh You, how are You?
Fair, joyous or such as I,
Always looking, always yearning
For You to come and be my King,

Oh You, where are You?
For I am here, waiting for Thee,
By this shore, alone I stand
Waiting for Thee, East of my sea…

My Lord, My Sire
He who lights the White Fire,
The shining Moon and the Rising Sun,
The pale blue night and 
The golden cast dawn.

It is difficult to make our way alone in this hard physical world. It is just as difficult for us to take a solitary journey through the spiritual world, the world of the heart that rests just next to this world, and one that is full of mystery, power and reality. For we belong to the world of the heart, actually. We are here, sitting on this chair facing the deep blue sea, only as an exile. A temporary guest in a world that is not our home, but merely a lay-by, a short intermission before the main curtain falls on this world and opens for the spiritual world.

That is why I guess, we are born into an association, our mother and our father, our brothers and our sisters. Then later on, we extend our wings to our friends, neighbours and colleagues at work. The spiritual way, as is regularly quoted by the Naqshbandi saints, is the way of association. And I do not think they meant it to stop at the threshold of the Sufi zawiya (small school/mosque). Oh no. Association refers to our association with this world, this reality, as well as other worlds that have some relevance to us.

But I guess it is only natural that we are most familiar and comfortable with those whom we share the same spirit, the same love, the same humour, the same smile and the same understanding as to our place in this wonderous world that God has created for us, however short our stay may be here. Always do I feel honoured and blessed to be associated with such personages.

wa min Allah at-taufiq. God bless you, sunshine, and may He find it in Him to always have mercy on this constipated sinner.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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