Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Someone Has Gone To Great Trouble Building the House of Worship. We Need Just Walk In - history and reality, grace and gratitude,

My mother and eldest brother. 

Someone Left This For Me Already
I am fishing the Sea for pearls,
But someone left the pearls here already,

I am harvesting barley and wheat,
But someone planted them here already,

I am walking a path,
And it was laid by someone with great care already,

I am reaching to pluck stars from the night sky,
But someone left it hanging there for me already,

I am drinking water from a well,
But someone had dug the well already,

I am riding a donkey,
But someone harnessed 
The saddle to the donkey already,

I am singing a song,
But someone had already written the song,

I am writing a poem,
But someone had left me the paper, the ink and the pen,

I am living my life,
But the Lord has already written my life, from the beginning to the end.

Today is the child of yesterday, as we are the children of our fathers and mothers. And what we have now, someone else has already prepared and laid the ground works and foundation for our benefit. At the family scale, we owe so much already to our parents and grandparents, and looking further to our ancestors beyond record.

At another level, who are we but inheritors of the house of worship that has been built with single-minded focus, love and skill by the Prophets and Messengers of God, then lovingly cared for by the Saints? We did not build this house of worship, it was there and we just entered. No real hard work needed, for the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), His Companions and the Saints have all done the difficult and onerous tasks for us already. It is the Prophet(pbuh) who overcame the tyrants, it is he who cast down the savage traditions of the desert, it is he who conquered the hearts and minds of the Arab nation, and it is he who raised the banners of Truth, Compassion and Mercy as God's Messenger and Herald to the other nations and worlds.

Yes, of course, we have our personal battles to contend with, most immediate being our cunning and clever egos. But at the cosmic level, the Prophet(pbuh) has already won. And I think we should remember this and be grateful, for gratitude is a key to motivate us in our own lives and trials. Gratitude to our kin and forefathers. Gratitude to the Saints. Gratitude to the Companions. Gratitude to the Prophet(pbuh), and of course, to God Almighty.

Grace and Gratitude. Lovely. Works all the time.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


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