Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Adam, Eve and the Nature of Woman - we men will always be mystified. It is fated. Deal with it.

The Father and the Two Brothers. S. Mehmet, S. Bahauddin and the
Sun of their constellation, the Mawlana himself.
Whenever I want to treat myself to some divine infotainment, I click on the SaltanatTV website and look for Shaykh Bahauddin Adil's sohbet (sermon-coffee-talk). For you see, I am a sucker for the saints and the saintly and their coffee talks. And when they are dishy-looking, always smiling, always joking but always sharing stories inspired from their father, the Mawlana himself (Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani al-Qubrusi), it is infinitely more enjoyable, poignant and satisfying. I would be sitting in front of my laptop, a veritable cocoon of happiness in a world often torn with sadness, hate and conflict. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

S. Bahauddin to the right of Shaykh
Raja Ashman, who passed on more
than 100 days ago. al-fatiha 
WOMAN. And praise be to God that yesterday I learnt (a little bit more) of the nature of that most elusive character, that arbitrary creature with Angel-like capacity for goodness and fealty, a personage so foreign in their thinking and vision to us men, that we often simply stare dumbfounded at their actions and antics - ergo the daughters of Eve, a.k.a Woman.

LIKE MAGIC! We come home, the tea is ready (like magic). Our clothes are washed, ironed and already in the closet (like magic). The fridge, once empty is suddenly filled with groceries (like magic!). The lady of our life, yesterday angry with us but now smiling like the sweetest thing (like magic!). The children tucked in bed already, teeth brushed and in their PJs (like magic!) Only God knows their work and effort... our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and aunties... we men tend to be rather woolly headed, oblivious to the frantic work around us. We cannot afford to compensate the women in our lives enough, we simply don't have enough money or virtues. Their complete compensation is with the Best Boss of all, our loving Lord God.

Poor guy Adam, poor compared to the beguiling
beauty and richness of Eve. Yes, men. This is our lot
since the very beginning. Why fight it?

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. Shaykh Bahauddin said (in his recent coffee talk-Click Here to SaltanatTV and look for his 07.07.2012 video entitled 'Emergency Happiness') that when Adam was awaken from his blessed sleep (the first time ever that sleep has taken him, because the fact is Paradise is so wonderful that no sleep is needed nor wanted) and found Eve, he felt for the first time ever, complete. "He is walking on clouds!" said the Shaykh, "Poor man, he doesn't know what is coming!" Thus our common grandfather Adam fell head over heels in love with Eve. How can he react in any other way when in the beauty of Eve is the beauty of all women that will descend from her lineage through out the ages? Cleopatra, Mona Lisa, Nefertiti, Marilyn Monroe... they are all just subset of the first Eve. She was a divine knock-out and our poor grandfather Adam had no chance whatsoever.

"As Adam said to Eve... you.. you... uhh.. you COMPLETE me..."

DIVINE PROMISE AND DIVINE CHANGE. Women are vessels of such divine promise, that Adam was blown away and he struggled and failed to encompass the station of Eve, not just in beauty and divine attributes, but as a vessel for divine catalyst - as the tree and the forbidden fruit and the Devil came into play.

So here we are on 17th July 2012. And we men are still playing the role of Adam, acting bemused and amused, but actually mystified and utterly besotted by the Eves in our lives.

8. Ah, a Woman
Fragile and soft,
But ever so

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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