Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Middle Path and His Nation - Muhammad(pbuh), Moderation and Mummies!

The You, The Me, The Space in Between
I am out of the me,
But neither am I in the you,
I am in between me and you,
That space, that nothingness that
Both separates and unites
Me and you.
In this way, I hope to
Be less interested in me
And more interested in you.
And how happy am I to find
That you too are here with me,
In the space between me and you
United as how only nothingness can unite…
Between two mirrors of creation
There is that path most pleasing to the Creator...
The Middle Path and His Nation

MUHAMMAD. The Prophet(pbuh) said that his way is the middle way, the middle path, and such is also the way for his Nation. It is the way of moderation and clarity, neither extreme nor lethargic, neither too hard nor too soft, neither left wing nor right wing, neither conservative nor liberal, neither reactionary nor progressive.

We are the ultimate old fuddy-duddy driver on the middle lane of the highway. Neither breaking the speed-limit nor crawling snail-like on the road of life. Not very interesting perhaps but setting the average speed of this world by our sheer numbers and obtuseness. He he he.

MUMMIES AND GOD. Sensibility and reasonableness are vulgar words to people (them politicians and preachers) who wants to 'change' the world, to 'reform' religion, to 'develop' the people. But it is these values that come to anyone who would stop chasing this world and their egos for just one second and consider the past, the presence and the future. Even the most dogmatic ideologues, and the most spirited preacher, though seduced by their own knowledge will listen to their own mothers. And as you know, mothers are fountains of that great virtue of stop-think-and-be-sensible. It is not the sort of wisdom you can earn in a university or polytechnic. It is the wisdom given direct by God for all mothers who 'bertarung dengan maut' (wrestles with death) to bring forth unto this world her child - and the deep incomprehensible love and attachment that arises from such conflict. Oh, we fathers can only conjecture... but the truth is the love of mothers for their children is a secret treasure of God, a veiled intimacy between the Nation of Eve and the Creator.

Listen and obey your mothers, the Prophet said. He knew, you see...

What a little walk this has been - from moderation to mothers and back to the Prophet. Thank you for accompanying me, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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