Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Prophet & His Nation - Pictures fade but Love never

Pictures fade but Love never.
12. A Faded Rose in the Garden of the Prophet
Oh my rose,
If your colour has faded,
And your scent diminished,
If the weather of your world
Has been unkind,
And your beauty worn by time,
Come to me.

For I am created to tend to you,
With gentle ministration
And mercy.

So come to me,
O’ faded rose,
Come to me.

I shan’t give up on you,
For how can I?
When you were made for me,
And I for you.

And If you know me,
Then you would know that
I am one who is not wont
To take my Lord’s gifts
For granted.

The connection between the Prophet(pbuh) and his nation is something that one can only suspect. For it is impossible to weigh by mortal scale, though both the Prophet(pbuh) and his nation are indeed mortals. There has been many times in this life that the sinner is overwrought and overcome with grief and regret. But every time, and after each error or mistake it is the very same words that float into the expanse of our soul. To sooth us, to assure us that the Prophet(pbuh) has not forsaken his connection to us.

This grace does not come by our own efforts, so woefully weak are we. But through an association and connection to our betters, to those whom God has blessed to have authority over us. And just like the Prophet, our connection cannot be broken by distance or by death.

It's breaking of the first day of fasting now but I am just having a date, a cup of coffee and a piece of sponge cake for now. I guess as we get older, it is less important to break fast with food and water, and I am pleased to break fast with words, and in the company of my family...

God bless. Have a lovely night, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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