Thursday, November 24, 2011

Are you trying to be a Sufi, Papa?

Can we be too humble? I think, depending upon your personality, aptitude, upbringing, education and social condition, we all have our pretentiousness. That little white facade which we cloak ourselves in - to be known as a wise man. To be known as pious. To be known as generous and kind. To be known as tolerant. To be known as funny. To be known as 'cool'. But most difficult is to be known as a person without any pretension whatsoever. Someone who appears to be happy and contented just existing. A person happy in the skin he or she is living in. There are precious few of such people about. 

Children are smart and honest. And sometimes you are surprised by their observations, expecting them to be concerned only with cartoons, toys and games. But children are also discreet, and they are wise enough to the antics of us adults that sometimes they do not tell you the truth. Because they are canny already to notice that these truths often make adults uneasy.

If you have children, I hope you will be very close to them. And that you will kiss and hug them every day. And that whatever they say, you can accept without blowing your top. You would think that this is such a natural thing to do, but in this hasty and artificial life which we sometimes get caught up in, the most natural thing can often be the most awkward thing to do. I know because I find it awkward too. 

But I have faith in you. Have a playful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

Hate has no place in Islam.

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