Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hateless Life, Blogs and the Utility of Angels in Marketing

First you need an Angel. Then you need a friend who can distract the Angel with
some chit-chat. With a can of paint and a quick hand you can accessorize
the Angel's wings with your slogan.
I used to sign off this blog with 'Pax Taufiqa' or later with 'wa min Allah at-taufiq'. But now I am pleased to have come across the phrase 'Hate has no place in Islam'. It is my flavour of the month, for I believe the sentence captures an essential part of the sinners' story.

It is difficult to live a hateless life. On a daily basis, I go through the tsunami of emotions from affection to surliness to anger to envy to understanding to spitefulness to forgiveness to bitterness to revenge to acceptance to tolerance and on and on and on. Ergo, I am a sinner. But sinful as I am, I do understand that any words, thoughts or action impelled by hate is a BAD thing. No matter I THINK that it is in the name of love or God or religion. Hate, like its father the Ego, spoils everything. And above all, for those of you who claim to follow the religion of Muhammad, there is simply no place in the faith of the Most Beloved to cater to our intemperate whims and fancies of hate. The Prophet never taught anyone to hate anything.

If you want to promote a tagline, there are few ways better than Angels. However, Angels are often busy with their Angelic tasks and have little time for extra-curricular activities. But with a good friend to help you, you can daub your slogan on their wings while they are distracted. It is best to do this with one of the minor league angels, and not the Arch-Angels or Angels of the Throne. For those guys have eyes everywhere and are unlikely to be caught inattentive while their wings are being vandalized. 

Alternatively, you can start a blog of dubious repute, call it 'The Sinners Almanac' and end all your postings with the tagline. Like what I am about to do right now, sunshine...

Hate has no place in Islam.

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