Saturday, November 5, 2011

Make Money and Be a Trustee of the Wealth of God - He wants you to be happy and make others happy

Okay already with the spiritual pose. Go earn some money.
27. Most
Never underestimate
How money can make you happy,
Nor how its loss,
Will leave you morose.

Money is not the sort of thing that is often bandied in the elevated discourse about spirituality, mysticism, Sufism, Rumi and the like. But with my own eyes, I have seen grown men quiver and burst into tears, worried about money. Money, money, money.

The sinner likes having money. I will admit here that lack of money, or even worse, no money whatsoever gets me down. The apprehension sets in, the FEAR that I would not be able to cover my debts and expenses, Mikhail's maintenance and tuition fees. But the sinner is not poor, so I can only imagine how families try to get by on less, with more children and no house to call their own. The fact that they continue to live with a smile on their faces, leaves me in absolute respect of their bright shining souls in the face of adversity. Don't they deserve help? Don't they deserve a raise, or a gift? Of course, they do!

My mother, God bless her sainted soul, was a giving and generous human being. And nothing will recall you to people more than your kindness. When my family and friends come to visit my house to see my father, they always say the same thing, "We remember your mother and what she and your father has done for us..." Although some of my friends (all in their 40s already) still confess of being a little scared of my dad. I wonder why. Hehehe.

You cannot help people if you do not have the resources. So if you are bright and smart (as I am sure you are), do not descend into ordinariness. In what we do, whether we are a policeman, a banker, a lawyer, a businessman or just a clerk, I think it is best that we do the best we can. Let's try to earn a honest living and make money. And if possible, make more money than you actually need. You will then be in a position to give and help people, and they are so many of them out there. Then surely, you will be beloved by man and God. As the Prophet once said - "The hand that gives is more blessed than the hand that receives." Not everyone will be a millionaire philanthropist, but everyone can give a little.

Spirituality has its perks but money will put food on the table. It is a means by which Love is often expressed. Don't get me wrong. Money does not necessarily bring happiness. Money can also buy you a lot of grief. But so long as you remember where that money came from (God), where you came from and will return to (God again), and share your blessings to help people in need, then surely you will find happiness as a Trustee of the Wealth of God. I think all religion teaches this.
I am both Trustee and Beneficiary of God's Love! Lalalalaalaaaa...!
Don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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