Monday, November 14, 2011

McIslam and Faux Faith

110. McIslam
I am not fond of fast food
Nor fast faith.
Not for me is the faux taste
Of McIslam.

Religion, any religion really, should be savoured like fine wine or a Cuban cigar. It is not something to be hurried. It should not be sold retail, on late-night television or at a 24 hours Super Faith-O-Mart.

If you have found a religion that is beautiful and delicate, intimate and cosmic, why act in haste? Everyday brings fresh new appraisal of our lives, our good and bad, our profound and comical. All reaching to the all-encompassing Love and Beauty of our One Lord.

So say no to McIslam. No to McChristianity, McBuddhism or McJudaism. Say hello to life-long (and eternal) interchange between the Creator and the Created (ergo, us). We don't actually have a choice over the matter... There is just no hurrying up God and His Plan. He will have His Way in His Time.

Have a good Monday, sunshine.

Hate has no place in Islam

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