Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are human beings. Carrots and sticks are for beasts of burden - God's Infinite Horizon of Mercy

248. Always Looking
God is always looking
For an excuse
To save you.
Always looking to find
Means and ways
To justify your salvation.
It is funny how some people
Are hateful of this attribute,
Calling such things

Frankly, I believe
That if anyone has
The right to be Capricious,
It is God.

I call it not that,
I call it Generous!

God! I am calling you Generous!

One of the many accusations against the Sufis are that they are fuddy-duddy. That the Sufis blur right and wrong, lies and truth, good and bad. That they portray their ideal of God as someone so forgiving and generous that He will forgive us whatever we do. So where is the deterrent? Where is the punishment? Where is the carrot and stick?

Carrots and sticks are for donkeys and other beasts of burden. Are we humans or are we animals? Forgiveness comes, but the unfolding of His Mercy takes time as we slowly began to understand the enormity of our errors and from there, the enormity of God's tolerance and compassion. I do not understand some people who weigh so heavily in judgment that they desire to limit God's compassion.

Such people would love to prohibit everything. And in seeking to impose righteousness they would stifle the essence of man and his curiosity for things. But if you artificially suppress man's curiosity, how will he ever find God? This is the deformed face of religion perpetuated the Taliban, al-Shabaab and other so-called fundamentalist Islamists. Who are arming them and saying they are right?

249. Besotted with fairness and justice.
O’ you besotted one
In fairness and justice,
Have care how you call
For fairness and justice
In divine decree,
Unless you can claim
To know everything
About the Lord.

May God forgive the preachers and politicians who continue to use Muslims' sense of alienation, poverty and inferiority for their own religious-political ends. Instead of tidying the mosque, home and hearth of the Muslims, they are busy stoking the fire of anger and retribution in the hearts of their followers. A heart on fire was never the way of the Prophet Muhammad, unless you are talking about the White Fire, the Governing Fire - the White Flame of Love. But these miscreants are setting their followers' hearts to the raging inferno of the black fire, the fire of hate and hubris.
For centuries, the Sufis have been drawn to the Flame of Love
The Sufis choose Love to enlighten and elevate our hearts, following as they do their Master, Muhammad Habibullah, Messenger of God, Mercy to all the Worlds... 

Have a thoughtful Sunday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam.
Love will show the Way.

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