Monday, November 7, 2011

Who You Truly Are... Inspired!

You are you. A collection of atoms whirling to the Music of Muhammad,
The Inspired Composition.
1. Good things happen III
“O’ love”, she said.
“I am unable to believe
In myself. I have forgotten
How to, or perhaps
I never knew how.”

He said, “If you cannot believe
In yourself, it is simply
Because you are not
Wholly aware of just
Who you are.”

“Who am I then?”, she asked.

“You are you. An inspired verse
In the Book of Muhammad,
The Inspired Message.

You are you. A collection
Of atoms whirling
To the Music
Of Muhammad,
The Inspired Composition.

You are you. A daughter
Born from a good father
And a good mother,
An Eve in a Garden of Eves,
Tended to by Muhammad,
The Inspired Gardener.

You are you. A sparrow
Cart-wheeling in a graying sky
Lit bright by the Stars
Of the Companions,
Gathered in the
Eden of Muhammad,
The Inspired Heaven.

You are you, A dew forming in a
Morning’s gentle rays,
As angels crowd your ear,
Whispering, “Awake, awake!
Fear no fear, o’ daughter of Fatima
The Inspired Essence!”

You are you. A question
Posed in a sentence written
From Alpha to Omega,
Drawing from the perfection
Of Muhammad’s answers,
The Inspired Tradition.

You are you. A humming-bird
Floating from flower to flower,
Tree to tree, delighting in
The sweetness of the
Rose of Muhammad,
The Inspired Nectar.

You are you. A river coursing
Through the meadow
Of God’s thoughts, on
Your way, wild and wayward,
To the Fountain of Muhammad,
The Inspired Ocean.

You are you. The weary tear
Of sorrow and silence, wrapped in
The Solace of Muhammad,
The Inspired Prayer.

I know all this
Because I glanced once
In my wandering miles
Looking for the North Star,
And I saw you on the path,
Walking ahead of me while
Scattering light drops from
The Flight of Love,
Muhammad al-Mustafa.

You turned, o’ love
And spoke to me,
And this was what
You said, “Oh dearest,,
If you find me forgetful,
Remind me who I am.”

So you see, o’ love
It simply had to be,
To remind you
As I was bidden,
And write for you
To read, what
Was meant to
Be written…

That when you believe in yourself,
Good things happen…

Sometimes we simply forget who we are. With the world harassing you with problems, with your Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry poking you to distraction, how will you recall your original identity?

When we breath, we often forget our own breathing, taking our existence for granted and being distracted by things which are in truth, mundane and trivial. Well, the sinner is here today, free of charge, to remind you who you truly are.

...And sunshine, what can I say? You are Inspired.

Have a lovely Monday.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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