Sunday, November 13, 2011

Right is Heaven. Left is Hell. But Muhammad is Mercy to All Sides...

119. Right is Heaven, Left is Hell
There is no need for me
To wait for either Heaven or Hell,
Both is here with me now,
On my right and on my left.

It is the mark of my time,
That the black fires
Is escaping Hades
To scorch mortal skin
And earthly soil.

But it is also the seal of my time,
That the gates of Heaven is open wider,
The call of Muhammad is raised higher,
And there is a Light, from the White Fire,
Mighty and all-encompassing,
While angel’s heralds and their horns
Sing of heaven and our return.

These are defining times, o’ wanderer
So open your heart and look!
Prick your ear and hear!

And pour your life, your regret, your sadness,
Your ingratitude, your impiety, and your utter hopelessness
Into the mould of the Prophet’s heart.

There is no hate in the heart of Muhammad Habibullah. If there is hate amongst the followers, it is they who bring it with them, and spoil the inheritance for everyone else. We, you and I, and EVERYONE living on this blue globe have been invited and we are not going to let a bunch of bigots spoil the party.

We are all in this together, my friends. I will know you by name, whether you are George, Chew, Felix, Hans, Ali, Nakesh, Mutusamy, Anne, Anita, Salmah, Ryan, Sven or Selma. How will I know? Why, we would be wearing name tags, of course!


Hate has no place in Islam

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