Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It is Love who dares and wins - God and His Divine Courtship

112. Love Dares and Wins
Today, a voice whispered
In gentle reprimand,
"The pages are for you to write,
The dreams are for you to dream,
The promises are for you to keep,
So all that Love desires and demands;

The smiles of laughter to share,
And such tears of disappointment
That you hide within.

For when nothing else dares,
It is Love who dares and wins."

Divine Guarantee. We do not know what lies ahead. Love, solemnly promised may yet face the tribulations of life and we fall apart. There is no guarantee for love except ourselves, and no guarantee of our existence except God Almighty. We are not perfect and we make mistakes, but God is perfect and no mistakes does He make.
Ah... Young Love.

Youthful Courtship and Divine Courtship. I am fearful of my actions, error prone as I am. So I rest my endeavour on the pillars of heaven and hope that God keeps an eye on me. Young love often rides on youthful passions, but none is more passionate for us than our Maker. So, if you are in love, choose what you do or do not do well. For before you ever felt the first spark of youthful affection and intimacy, verily God was already there, loving you perfectly. Perhaps you cannot see Him, but certainly He sees you and is concerned over you always. And however stupid you may be, and if your young love is not reciprocated and if your courtship of the maiden rejected, if you love God you are simply reciprocating His love for you and accepting His courtship of you.

Ambassador Muhammad. He has laid out jewels beneath the earth, He has raised the sky in blue splendour and He has carpeted the world with mountains of riches and forests of goodness for you. And from birth, He has ensured that you are attended by your loyal family and friends. But most gracious of all, God has anointed His Most Beloved, Muhammad Mercy to All the Worlds as His Ambassador to you, to speak words of Divine love and promise.

Surely we will not reject the Magnificence and Richness of God's courtship...

Have a beautiful Wednesday, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam

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