Friday, November 25, 2011

Life is Good. Death is Good. - The traveler on the path

36. Never more alive
We are never more alive than
Having passed the threshold of death,
To finally take complete possession
Of our souls.

There is no cure for death, but upon death, all illness ends. Not only physical illness, but perhaps more importantly spiritual illness. We are not meant to stay here forever, sunshine. As man is essentially a spiritual being, this world with its physical forms is not our ultimate home. We are travelers, wayfarers on a journey from eternity to eternity.

It is our good fortune that the Creator has made such a splendid and beautiful world for us to live in. So while we are travelers here, it is also beholden upon us to care for this world and its inhabitants. And we must abide by the natural laws that sings harmoniously about the perfection of our Lord. It is enjoined upon us by virtue of the Adab (good manners) that a guest must have for the Host and His House.

Death may not come unto you for sometime yet. So let us weigh the goodness that is all around us and decide for ourselves whether this world deserves to be respected and honoured, although it is transient. I think it does...

Have a wonderful Friday, sunshine.

Pax Taufiqa

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