Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We have time. We have inspiration. We have choices to make...

Words are easy to write. Life, not so easy to live. A pair of prose was once recorded, a long time ago that perhaps best illustrates this...

42. Once and Now
God, maybe I am not as I used to be,
Of sin and blame, I was once free.

What I am now, O’ Lord,
Is a pain with no cure,
A bait with no lure,
Fishing in Your Ocean,
Looking for a potion,
To end this sweet misery,
To end this bitter separation,
From my Lord and my Nabee.

When will Thou answer me?
And if Thou do, how will I hear Thee?

43. O’ Poet!
I see you have honoured My Name
In these proses you write.
All very fine and nice!

But have you honoured My Name
In your daily life?

Or have you been writing truths,
Only to live in lies?

Have caution that they are neither equal nor same!
And that a coin left standing on its edge
Inevitably falls,
Either to valour or to shame.

We all want contentment. To be happy and find our place in Creation. But where are we now, have we fallen in love or in hate? Have we fallen into knowledge or ignorance? Have we fallen into truths or lies? Have we fallen into good company or bad company? A good friend once reminded me, "Taufiq, where you are, and more importantly, what you are, are all defined by your choices."

I have made some good choices and some bad choices. But I do not think that choice end in themselves. So whether it is good or bad is entirely up to us to manage. Even bad choices can be turned good if we learn from them. If we are given time and the inspiration.

So here we are again, my friend, in a new day. So time have been given to us already. But inspiration? For that we have to listen to our conscience. If we have a habit to follow our conscience we would not have made a bad choice at all. And since you and I have been given time, then the choice to listen to our conscience is still there.

Whether it is to drop a bad habit (like smoking), visit a relative or friend long ignored, or make amends with an enemy, we still have our choices to follow our conscience. Our conscience is the whispered truths, a delicate breeze blowing into our hearts from the fountain of divine hope and promise. So the truth is inspiration is already there. And we still have the time to be inspired.

God bless you sunshine. And may you make the best choices for yourself today and every day.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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