Monday, November 28, 2011

Knowledge, the Ocean of Love and the Snail

What are you looking at? Have you not met a snail before?!
1. O’ little snail!
Knowledge should move
You to action, o’ little snail,
Not burden you like
A house on your back.

You still judge.
That is why you
Do not budge.

Someone pretty damn smart said sometime ago that 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'. He is absolutely right. 

Physical sciences exists in the apparent forms of this world. It is something you can observe, weigh and measure. It is much easier to prove or disprove. But even the laws of physics evolve as the ability of man to crack the atomic apple increases and our ability to measure the building blocks of the Universe improves.

If caution is advisable when we approach physical knowledge, there is perhaps more reasons for us to be careful when we dip our toes into the infinite ocean of spiritual knowledge. It is a vast sea, sunshine, and its depth is as inexhaustible as the Imagination of God. Where do we go from our first step into the Ocean?
Where do we go from our first step into the Ocean?
Beats me. I don't know. Perhaps we are suppose to swim like a fish. Or sail like a pirate. Or fly like a seagull. There are many ways to traverse the Ocean of God, and I guess to each his own path. I am however pretty certain that we are not suppose to judge. Judging is the fullstop of our endeavours here. No swimming, no sailing or flying. We just end up like snails, carrying that so-called spiritual knowledge like a house on our back. And of course we cannot get close to the Ocean anymore, consisting as it is of salty seawater. So we end up trailing our judgments of others like slime across the shore of God. And nobody wants anything to do with us... after all, we are so judgmental!

I would like to say here that I do not judge. But I do... I am sorry for being a snail. Perhaps one day my knowledge would grow gills for me, that I might swim the Ocean of Love like a fish. Or perhaps sprout wings, that I might fly across the Sea of Mercy like a seagull. Or build me a ship, that I might sail through life as a pirate and take God's Compassion as booty. But until then... you have to be patient with me.

Thank you for dropping in today and visiting this snail sinner.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Judgement as snail slime. I love it.

Milky Tea said...

Yes, someone should have thought of it sooner!