Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Made in the Nur (Light) of the Best of Creation - You

12. A Faded Rose in the Garden of the Prophet
Oh my rose,
If your colour has faded,
And your scent diminished,
If the weather of your world
Has been unkind,
And your beauty worn by time,
Come to me.

For I am created to tend to you,
With gentle ministration
And mercy.

So come to me,
O’ faded rose,
Come to me.

I shan’t give up on you,
For how can I?
When you were made for me,
And I for you.

And If you know me,
Then you would know that
I am one who is not wont
To take my Lord’s gifts
For granted.

Who amongst us have done no wrong? Ah, perhaps the souls of children? But for the rest of us, life is like trawling through mud. We are gonna get dirty. We are gonna get messy.

So we turn to spirituality and those who were made to care for us. They need not still be living, indeed death appears to make them far more powerful than we can imagine, to quote one Ben Kenobi.

Thank you for dropping by today, sunshine. You too perhaps, may be a faded rose. But faded, ragged or torn of petals, you are still a rose, a shining beacon to the Angels that attend to their work daily, unseen by us. So do not lose hope. For you are made in the Nur (light) of the Best of Creation.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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