Thursday, November 10, 2011

The World, a Temple of Divine Beauty - Death is not the End nor Birth the Beginning

128. Dear World
This world has lost all her luster,
Her charms, worn and weathered,
Her rice gone bad, her milk gone bitter,
But for all my bluster, my dear,
I cannot leave you yet,
Something always pulls me back.

Beauty, drawn by God's countless ways breath meaning into both life and death, into both the living and the dying. If this is the way of our Creator, how can we but not be enamoured by the breadth of His artistic vision?

Such is His Perfection that nothing that happens in the natural world is without cause and effect. Nothing is coincidental and every thing is planned. We are born, we live for a while, then we return to the earth, giving back our energy to regenerate into something else. Our soul take leave of the physical world, returning to the metaphysical reality of the after-life. But I reckon that I shall still miss this world...

The Paddy Fields
I do not know how beautiful heaven is,
But I wager I would still look back
Wistfully to the earth and the sky,
To the green paddy fields
That once swayed in my eyes.

When it comes to Divine Beauty, death is not the end nor birth the beginning. Don't you agree, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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