Saturday, November 19, 2011

A LETTER TO THE DEVIL - Go mad for God. Going mad for anything else is just... CRAZY!

I once wrote a letter to the Devil. I am not sure how he took it, but this was what was written...

194. Broken & Battered
You cannot break me,
You cannot bend me,
You cannot kill me,
You cannot have me,

For I am already taken,
Dead, broken and battered,
At being separated from Him.

God created you!
But find saner ones to play with,
And disturb me not
In my space and days of grief.

Life does not end here. And I guess life didn't actually begin here. Eternal life began some countless eons ago, before Time began, when from an absolute and utter nothingness, God's Imagination sparked you. And before you were deposited into that present body of yours, temporarily exiled from the Divine Presence, you were with Him. You and God. What actually transpired then I cannot say, for I myself have no memory pre-birth. Perhaps you do.

I miss You, God.
Divine Grief. I grief for the memories I cannot recall because God has not left me alone on this planet. From the beautiful forests to the awe-inspiring deserts, I am constantly reminded of His Beauty. From my parents, I am constantly reminded of His Guidance and Kindness. From my friends, I am made aware of His Infinite Surprising Aspects and Novelty. And from the Prophets and Saints, I recall the Light of Divine Love. And from myself, I am reminded of my own weakness and continuing need for His Love and Sustenance.
Going mad for anything other than God is mankind's true madness.

The Devil. The Devil may be sanctioned to sway and lead us astray, but what is that compared to the separation we must now endure from God, Who created us with love and loves us best of all? People go mad nowadays, deceived by the illusions of this world - lust, greed, envy, hate, hubris, sub-prime mortgages, jihads and crusades. If you must go mad, sunshine, go mad for God. Going mad for anything else is the true madness of mankind.

Have a beautiful Sabbath.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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