Wednesday, November 16, 2011

God is Listening. Even when we think He isn't. Believing this is called Faith.

God.... Are You even listening to me?!
121. Idol-esque God (Poon)
Just as you are cautioned
Not to attribute to idols
Attributes of God.

So too,
Should you avoid
Attributing to God
Attributes of idols.

It is a fine line drawn here,
So alas, many cross it,
Attributing to God
Attributes of being stone-deaf,
Rigid and blind,
Cold and unsympathetic,
While throwing back echoes
Of their own voices,
Masquerading as
The voice of God.

Of course God listens. He is after all God (you know... All-Knowing, All-Seeing, All-Hearing. The Ultimate Know-It-All). But who has not received a rejection and for a moment at least felt and thought, "Oh Gawwwwd! Why are you not listening to my prayers!!!" Sometimes the sentiment blasts through your consciousness so fast that you do not even notice it was there. But the feeling that God did not listen to you (or even worse, God listened but did not care) normally leaves a sticky sickly taste in your soul. Suddenly you feel alone. Lost. Discontented, like a toddler missing his comfort blanket.

It is only human to err. Sometimes I succumb to the culture of entitlement, that after all my sweat and tears to produce that perfect Novel, I feel entitled to be published. Alas, reality kicks in and my book is rejected by some anonymous philistine editor of a publishing house. Probably not even read. Disappointments are part of life, I guess.

But we are still alive, you and I. So it means you can still write that amazing Novel. You can still be that Nobel Prize Winner for Literature. Who's to say you cannot?

The most important thing is to do what you love, and do it well. And even if the entire world does not appreciate your efforts, God would. And He would love you for it. And that is worth more than being No.1 on any Bestseller List. 

Have a lovely day, pet.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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