Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the Jasmine Prose

Over the years, some prose have been recorded referencing to the Jasmine flower. For your information, they were inspired by a song of the late great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. It is unfortunate that I have lost the music CD. But the memory of that beautiful song is interpolated here with references to God, the Prophet and Saints. Why? Because I can. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed recording them down for prosperity.  

I am a nobody, with a soul parked in a vessel that is not mine. I am the meanest of the mean, so at the very least I hope that what I share here will bring you some pleasure. Often these matters are not mine to manage, and I merely hold them for someone. Perhaps that someone is you?

148. Faith is a Flower
Faith is a flower of a Jasmine Tree in the Garden of Love,
The Garden is set in the Valley of Certainty,
In which flows a river sprung from the Blessed Fountain.
The Valley is encircled by four hills named Amity, Charity, Patience and Fidelity.
And above them all, rain clouds carrying teardrops of musk drift from the Mercy Ocean.

My beloved Maulana! Your perfume lingers still, and I wonder;
What did you see when you gazed out the window that morning, and cried?

24. Faithful and True (Art thee, O’ Nusrat)
O’ heir,
Were I to die today,
I leave you in the care of our Lord and our Prophet.
Were I to die tomorrow,
I leave you in the care of our Lord and our Prophet;
The assurance of happiness,
The hollow of contentment,
The balm of satisfaction,
The honey of affection,
The snow of purity,
The rain of mercy,
The sweetness of friendship,
The altar of love,
The rock of strength,
The light of truth,
The fruit of charity,
The delight of beauty,
The honour of servanthood,
Most boon companions for you, faithful and true,

Ahad, o’ Ahad!
Planted art Thou by my Master
As a Jasmine in my heart.

29. Love, where are you waiting
My love,
Where are you waiting?
Beneath the Jasmine Tree
Planted in the heart of a Murshid?
In the unfolding of a White Tulip
Cradled in the arms of a Maiden?
In the gentle breathing
of a sleeping infant?
In the fire that is reflected
in his mother's eyes?

Comes the Moon into his room,
As a ray descends into his crib,

I am created and creating,
I am all and nothing,
I am the fall of leaves
In an afternoon storm,
I am the love you seek,

Profound and profane are you,
If what you desire is less!

Below is a beautiful documentary in memory of the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan... There are 4 parts.

Have a lovely day, sunshine. May God bless you and may He forgive this sinner.

Pax Taufiqa.

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