Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Garden of the Prophet in the City of Medina

238. Catacombs and Tombs
They are saying unto us,
You are worshipping Muhammad!
You are setting him as a rival unto God!

We say unto them, only this;
Stray thee not into your elders’ library
If permission was not granted to you!
Stay your hands from plucking fine
The pages, ancient and true,
Looking for reasoning
To support you!

We say unto them also;
Do not come between
Our Captains and our army,
Between our Master and our mercy,
Between His Heart and our hearts.
We do not choose,
We are chosen.
And you are not chosen?
Of course, you are!

May you excel in what the Lord
Has chosen you for!
And may the Lord forgive us
For always failing miserably
In what He has chosen for us!

So go to bed in your silent catacombs!
There are voices, music, songs,
Commandments and orders
That emanate from our tombs!

To you be your catacombs!
To us be our tombs!

Within the Raudah, the Garden Tomb of the Prophet in the Masjid Nabawi in Medina, men, women and children all come to make acquaintance with Muhammad, Most Beloved of God.

The deniers and usurpers who cloak themselves in religion have long sought to break the connection between Muhammad and his Nation. "Enough with this heresy!" They say. "He is just a man!" They tell people. Such are their protesting words rising like ghosts from the catacombs of their mind. Well, they can keep their strange ways, because happily there are still many people keeping to the traditional path, paying respects in visitation to the tombs of Prophets and Saints, some saving their money for years to pay their way.
Love guided them to thee, o' Prophet!
wa min Allah at-taufiq

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