Sunday, November 20, 2011

You must be me. I must be you. The Meaning of Words in The Sinners' Dictionary

12. Words are
Words are window displays
Of the human soul.

TIME. When you think about it, we really have a very short time here. My father for instance is already 77 years old. On March 10 2012, he shall be knocking on 78. That sounds like a lot but after you minus sleeping (say 8 hours a day), eating, washroom stuff and commuting(say another 4 hours), my father has actually 'lived' only 34 years next year. I am kinda proud of him because in that 34 years he managed to get through school, university and med school, worked, got married to my mother and had 3 sons. Perhaps one of his most lasting legacy (and one that I think he is proud of) is the establishment of the Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute), now a leading regional centre for the treatment of all sorts of heart ailments. It is ironic that the doctor who founded the IJN and is its first Chairman is also a chain smoker. History is often full of contradictions, and such is the man that is my father.

But I am diverting. So back to  time and how precious little we have of it - Most of the time we are limited by the sheer untidiness of words as a form of communication, that what we tell someone is really just a very small glimpse of what we mean. When a good Christian says "I love Jesus", when a Wall Street sub-prime broker says "I love money", when a nice Atheist says "I love Atheism" and when Edward (Cullen) says "I love Bella"... All these phrases take on exponentially greater meaning if you are actually able to get into the head(and heart) of that good Christian, Wall Street sub-prime broker, nice Atheist or Edward, beyond the window display of our words.
Yes, yes. We KNOW you love Bella.

A Little Elaboration
So if you wish to truly understand
The poems and prose recorded in this Almanac,
Really... you gotta get inside my head -
You have to pay the toll at the window of my heart
And set sail across the sea of my soul.
And if you wish for me to understand you, sunshine,
You must let me in too.

So when I am within you,
And you are within me,
Who is in charge?
That is the Divine Question to conclude
This little elaboration about words,
And what makes me, me and what makes you, you.

Have a wordy Sunday, sunshine.

Hate has no place in Islam.

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