Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Religion, Ideology and the Servant in the Court of Divine Love

Religion will not change you
Religion will not change you, o' seeker,
It will reveal who you really are.

Believers get a lot of stick for their beliefs. Whether they are Christian, Jews or Muslims, they are blamed for the wars, the genocides and terrorism that have blighted this world. But the oppression, genocide and famine in the former U.S.S.R. and Cambodia surely cannot be blamed on them, since both countries were Communists. Not a moment after the atheists proudly proclaimed that God is dead and there will be no more religious strife did they start murdering their own people. Of course, not all communists and atheists are like that, so I hope that the atheists will give credit that not all believers are Jewish zealots, Christian crusaders or Muslim Jihadis. In fact most believers just want to have a decent life, bring up their children properly and work, and when they die, to be buried in the religious rites of their respective faith.

If you are an absolute fiend, you will be one regardless whether your name is Ali, Benjamin or Charles. And if you are an absolute angel, you will be one regardless if you recite the Torah, the Bible or the Quran. Do not judge the religion, but judge the man. I do not think that any dogma in religion teaches you to hate, and if you do come across a teaching which says otherwise, then my advice to you is to suspend your belief in that part, because your interpretation of it is all wrong. God doesn't need to teach man to hate, in fact man is good at using God as a pretext for hating someone. What a terrible lie these people make on God!

There is no other avenue in any religion for man that is safer than by taking the path of servanthood to God and Man, which is the true divine nature of man. So it is my earnest hope that your religion or ideology shall reveal you for who you really are - a servant in the Court of Divine Love.

May this Wednesday find you well, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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