Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Definition of Good, and the importance of Adab - The Sinners' Dictionary

6. Good, In Accord
Good, if you wish it a name,
Is in the way of doing things well,
In its right time and place,
With considered thought
And discretion,
In accord with God
And Creation.

I guess it is a little presumptuous for a sinners' almanac to provide a definition of 'good'. But as each thing is known by its opposite, I consider myself particularly qualified to supply mankind with the meaning. And if I am wrong, who cares? After all, I am simply a sinner.

The Prophet Muhammad was asked of his mission, and this was one particular reply, "I brought unto mankind good manners (Adab)". The ideal of Adab does not confine itself to protocols and rules of etiquette amongst mankind, but really and perhaps most significantly governs man's relationship with his Maker, a.k.a. God Almighty. And Adab also pertains to the rules of engagement between mankind and other creation of God, both sentient and non-sentient. Whether you are talking to a King, addressing an assembly of politicians, planting a tree, avoiding to step on an ant, to your conversations (if you happen to have any) with Djinns. From praying in the most holiest sites of your religion, using an ATM machine, to you buying milk at a cornerstore, every conduct ought to be done with the proper Adab. I really cannot think of any daily work and play that we do that does not come with its proper manners and politeness.

But do not worry if you think that you have found the perfect Adab, for there is no end to perfection. Complacency is not an issue when each breath you take, each move you make (to quote Sting) should be one more step ascending towards the holy station of servanthood. Ah, and that is the nub of the matter - Only servants would be interested with Adab. But before the sight of God, are we not all servants?
Before the sight of God, are we not all servants?

God bless you, sunshine. Thank you for honouring my almanac with your presence.

Pax Taufiqa

Hate has no place in Islam

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