Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If the small things in life makes you happy, you will be happy most of the life.

Which door to enter into? Orange or Blue? Just as there is no compulsion
in religion, there ought not to be any compulsion in your decision
to walk through a door. Perhaps you prefer the Orange Door today,
and tomorrow the Blue. Or you can be like me, choosing to enter
through neither door. Anyway, both doors were locked and
the Offices were not open. It was a holiday here in Malaysia
for the Eidul Adha festivities.
I instead chose to visit a coin-operated laundry service (first in my neighbourhood!).
The smell of the launderette took me back to my university days, some 16 years
ago when I used to shuffle to the Student Union Laundrette every week. The aroma
evoked fond memories of my younger days. 
The fact that I was the only customer so early in the morning,
made me feel even more pleasure that felt strangely illicit. 
Funny how it is the small things in life which fills us with contentment.
As I waited outside the laundry, a gentle morning shower fell. I pulled a drag
from my cigarette and felt perfect bliss. A Korean mini-market was just opening and
I purchased a Diet Coke. An hour later I was done and drove home with a bag
of freshly cleaned laundry, warm and fluffy from the dryer.
No prose today, sunshine. Just reflections on yesterday's drizzly Monday morning.

Have a beautiful day, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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