Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Life is read by Inferences - Mankind, Our Folly and Our Hope

Life is read by inferences. Complete absolute knowledge shall perhaps always be beyond the intellectual grasp of the human mind. I am not looking down on our rationale faculties of course, for without them we would not have invented the internal combustion engine, no planes would ever be flying in the sky and penicillin may perhaps never have been discovered. And of course, someone in a cave had to have invented the wheel.

Teleportation. This won't be happening anytime soon. 
But for all our technical progress there are some marked milestones which we have not achieved. We have not found a cure for the common cold or Cancer or AIDs, we are still unable to teleport ourselves by beaming our particles to Mars. No one can make a Light Saber and of course, we ultimately die.

Perhaps one of the most significant thing which we measure and are aware of by mere inferences is Time. Time and God. They are quite similar, for they are both invisible, and they appear to be invincible, since we have not found the cure for death yet. Time and God wait for no man, and sooner or later, we ebb away, letting go of our brief mortal life.

You would think that with all these limitations, mankind would be less arrogant and prideful in their achievements. But we are not. Often we live as if we shall live forever. Of course, there are many also who believe in God and still reap havoc, death and destruction upon their fellowmen and the world, thinking that God approves and that God will welcome them to His Divine Presence. Really?

How stupid we can be sometimes.

It is a measure of God's belief in humanity that we are still alive, writing and reading, sunshine. Perhaps that is the best understanding of all that we can infer from our life - The inference that God has not given up on us. 

Lucky us!

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Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Oh, that photo!
Innocence....washing himself.

Milky Tea said...

That was 5 years ago, when he was about 2 years plus. This was at a small hill resort locale less than an hour out of town called Janda Baik, meaning the Good Widow.