Thursday, November 17, 2011

End of School Year 1 for Mikhail - Looking Back

Tomorrow shall be Mikhail's last day of school for this year, his first in Primary 1. It has been a quiet year, enlivened once in a while with class birthday parties, PTA gossips and my son falling into the fish pond. I am glad that he enjoys school, preferring the company of his classmates than being cooped up at home with the old folks (We are all old here. I am youngest at 41).

With the list of final exam results coming in, it appears that Mikhail has garnered 7As, 1B and 1C. Not bad, but as I was driving him to breakfast on Tuesday, I ruefully observed, "Mika, I see that even with 7As you can still come out with me wearing your pants inside out." He just laughed.

My son is still as monetarily inclined as always. When I wanted to put some eye drops into his sore eyes, he said, "One eye, one dollar." Yesterday, I asked him to carry his own Lipton Ice Tea, and again, the same refrain, "One can, one dollar." I think he just makes these monetary demands to stamp his opinion that his time is money. I never actually give him any.

We woke up pretty early this morning - at 5 am. By 6.15am he was up and ready for school, so once again we had a little breakfast at our neighbourhood Indian Muslim (Mamak) restaurant. The Manager, Iqbal, was around, and as usual he gave Mika some candies. I am going to miss this morning ritual during the holidays. Sigh.

I like to think I can sketch and draw. But no work of art made by man can compare to the beauty of children. Children are wonderful in so many ways. Really, it is just up to us not to mess with their heads...

91. I, Wobot
Like a computer,
Every hour, divine programs
Are downloaded from the
Website in the Sky.

But it is when their elders,
Mess about with their codes,
That children become confused,
And they hang, refusing to reboot;
Ctrl, Alt, Del!
Ctrl, Alt, Del!

God bless you, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

Hate has no place in Islam

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