Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beauty at the End of a Muddy Track - God's Little Surprises

77. The Chase
In my pursuit of Beauty,
I have clasped embers,
Thinking them Pearls,
I have waded rivers of kufr,
Thinking them streams of Jannah,
I have lived, loved and lied,
Thinking I will never be found out,
I have slept in filthy sties,
Thinking them beds of clouds.

I have been proven wrong,
And see all too clearly now,
To whom I belong.
And that it is not I
Who is pursuing Beauty,
But in truth,
Beauty is pursuing me.

It was at the end of a muddy country lane that I found this Beauty, framed by a background of green and golden paddy fields. We do not know when Beauty would show up to take our breath away. I found this Beauty in the rural district of Tanjung Karang. I did not expect it, nor was I chasing for it. Sometimes Beauty simply sits and waits for us to discover her, don't you agree? And she can appear in the most unlikely of places.

What a beautiful creation this world is, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

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