Friday, November 4, 2011

COME WITH ME. COME WITH ME - The Mystery of Muhammad

46. Not there, but everywhere
There is no one there,
Where you are pointing at,
At the Prophet.

And here he is,
Everywhere, anywhere
And which way you may point,
You may say that
Muhammad is there!

Naught does Muhammad do,
Which is not the will of God,
Not of his own volition
Does he exist as he exist
Or as he doesn’t exist…

Do you not see
The correlation?

The perfection of Servanthood
Is the attainment of nothingness.
And naught was created save that it
Came from the Light of Muhammad.

Uncovering the Mystery of Muhammad is not a science of accuracy. At least not for us. Only that we know we would not be here if he, Muhammad was not here. But the Prophet's presence is unlike the presence of anyone else. For in his ascending spiritual stations, he is disclosing a state of nothingness after nothingness, being the only complete servant of God, in his actions, words and thoughts. He is the First in the Divine Presence... An old Sufi confessed this to me -

I rest my sins upon his hands of forgiveness,
I hold my errors in the cradle of his love,
What good I do, if I have ever done any,
It is in his name, and is for him to be pleased,
No tears will suffice my confession to ease -
That never have I done enough
To deserve his love.
For I know that wherever he may be,
Forever his gaze turns to us,
Asking, "Come with me. Come with me."

Come with me. Come with me.

May God light your days and night, sunshine. And may He bless you on this auspicious Friday.

wa min Allah at-taufiq.

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