Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 Prose for 9/11 - entrapment by love aboard the ship of love sailing the sea of love

I am a doggone dog. Where is Thy greeting, o'Lord?
I sent thee a Friend
I gazed to the row of trees
In front of me and asked Thee,
“O’ Lord, where is the falling leaves
In the morning to greet me?”

To which Thou said,
“O’ servant, I am sending thee
Something better, a friend
And a good company!”

Today is of course 9/11. Sigh. A day marked with tragedy and ignominy. A day that for many people marks the beginning of ‘the fear’. Fear of the known and ‘the known unknown” and the “unknown unknown”, as one former American Secretary of Defense once famously baffled a crowded room of journalists.

Both villains and heroes were made that day.
Reject the former and embrace the latter.

But it is also today through which God continues to speak to us with soft assurance, infinite love and divine mercy…

Entrapment by Love
I was in love with music,
So my Lord entrapped me through music,
I was in love with women,
So my Lord entrapped me with women,
I was in love with wit,
So my Lord entrapped me with wit,
I was in love with knowledge,
So my Lord entrapped me with knowledge,
I was in love with sin,
So my Lord entrapped me through my sins,
I was in love with myself,
So my Lord entrapped me by my own name,
And led me to a place where only His name
Deserved to be adored and loved.

So take away 9/11 from the peddlers of hate, purveyors of hubris, mercenaries of war and owners of a sick heart and give them not the enjoyment of seeing others join them in a religion of despair – regardless whether they think themselves very Christian, very Muslim, very Jewish or even very Atheistic.

Our Lord has entrapped us, sunshine. In that thing which obsesses us, God manifests Himself…

Entrapment by Love II
I am the Perfect Song,
I am the Perfect Beauty,
I am the Perfect Wit,
I am the Perfect Knowledge,
I am the Perfect Forgiver,
Knowing you as the One
Who created You.

Three prose for 9/11. May God guide us to His Perfect Chosen One, and may the Perfect Chosen One, Muhammad Habibullah (pbuh) lead us to Him. And may He lead all humanity to worship Him in the best way possible, from whichever harbour that we first sail from. For don't you agree, sunshine... that there is only one Sea?

My distinct happiness is to find fellow sailors crossing the Sea of God
upon the only ship worth sailing in - The Ship of Love

Do not fear, persevere.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way


Anonymous said...

Thank you. From America.

Milky Tea said...

You are welcomed, Anony.

From Malaysia.