Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Fool's Errand and The Godly Amazing - these thoughts the morning bring...

Sometimes, Love comes so often and in so many ways, that you simply have
to find a bench somewhere to rest your tired feet and senses.
Mikhail, with his step-dad Herman and his uncle Prat d Man,
somewhere in LA, California last week.

My Lord & Love, God
My Lord and Love, God gives unto my delighted senses,
The cool morning air after a gentle heavenly shower,
Unto my days and nights God dispossesses me from my hurt and regret,
Enriching each of my waking and sleeping hour with joyous happy reflection,
Sometimes familiar, sometimes strange,  sometimes new... 
As God in His manifold ways of the Eternal Lord tells me, "I love you..."

And I, this foolish sinner is compelled once again
To chase for words and prose worthy of such Love, Real and True.

I know 'tis a fool's errand I am on,
But I cannot help myself,
For I think this is a reason
For which I was born.

Sometimes I feel like giving up, sunshine. I write and write and write. I sketch and sketch and sketch, but it is never EVER enough. My Cup of Joy runneth over as God delivers good news and happiness in overlapping measure, in an unstinting generosity that beggars my words to describe. God deserves a better chronicler...

But seeing as I am not very good at anything else (and not even very good at writing!), I must make do with the tools and instruments that our One Lord has provided for me. 

It is not that my days are totally devoid of sadness, regret, anger and even hate. For I am not perfect and in the scheme of things, I count for a miserly beggarly little sinner. But perhaps that is what confounds my expectations of God's compassion and mercy. That despite of what I am, He has not withheld what He desires to give to me.

For you sunshine, a person of kind and patient disposition. A person who has had his/her own fill of life's trials and tribulation, and coming out of them still faithful and still in love with God and His Prophet (pbuh), your reward with God, only God knows...

All I know. All I can hint at is that your reward will undoubtedly, be truly Godly amazing.

He he he. Is this not a good thought to welcome the Sabbath?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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