Friday, September 21, 2012

White Light & Red Blood, What will Be, will Be - the-stay-at-home-and-improve-yourself-advice for these strange days

White Light & Red Blood
White Light in the sky, Red blood in the sea,
Camels atop elephants atop monkeys,
Rein of the dogs of war is loose,
Someone left the gate unlocked,
Who has the key? Who has the key?
The ramp is down over the moat,
And 10,000 devils can be seen
Over the crest of the hill,

White Light in the sky, Red blood in the sea,
The wise is shunned, wisdom is lost,
Fools rise high and liars higher still,
While far away, from the laughing mocking crowd,
The princes and princesses of peace
Sit attentive and learning, And from the window sill
A Candle can still be seen, brightly burning,

White Light in the sky, Red blood in the sea,
We are silent, but ours is the work of silence
We are open, but ours is a secret in the open
White Light is descending, coursing through humanity,
Like the red blood swimming in our vein,
We serve the Lord, we follow the Master
And ours is not a toil in vain.

White Light in the sky, Red blood in the sea,
What shall be,
Shall be.

Stay at home, Muslims. I am sure there are many things there requiring your constant attention. This is what the Masters have been telling us, time and again, especially in these strange days when ignorance and hate is extolled, while quiet introspection is mocked and derided as foolish and submissive.

Do not react to the barking and baying of the hounds of hate that issues forth like some mad bad flood from the the news, the internet and the social media. You have much to attend to directly... the health of your person, the welfare of your family and workers, and of course, your friends. 

This has been the prudent advice of the Masters to Muslims through the whole Arab Spring, the Syrian crisis and up to the current violent and tragic reaction of some Muslims to a cinematic pictorial of someone that the producers call 'Muhammad'. These insane people, wrought blind by their hate and hubris towards Islam, think that they are insulting the Prophet of God (pbuh), but their words do not touch his countenance, nor their vile lies disturb the sanctity of His Sunnah (prophetic tradition), for it is patently clear that through their wasted cinematic efforts, they are only exposing their own insecurities and prejudices for the world to judge. So let the world judge, but you are not of this world alone. You are a member of the Nation of Muhammad, heir to the best of this world and the life hereafter. As the Masters have said, you have much, much more to attend to... and so much more to be thankful for. Alhamdulillah.

A good book. A holiday.

Take care of your health, sunshine. As a devout sinner, I know there is so much at least for me to improve. Like you, I have no time to attend to the deception and lies of the foolish people. End of topic. 

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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