Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not everything is pretty, Not everything is ugly, during a Walk - Thank God!

How far you walk is entirely up to your ambition.
The Anatomy of a Walk
If you walk slowly you will find
Many things you would have missed
Had you been rushing...

The empty box of tissues and ragged plastic bags,
Newspaper with bad news (it's mostly bad news nowadays)
Blowing in the breeze,
Cigarette butts and bits of wood slowly dying.
Broken dreams and broken hearts,
The discarded flotsam and jetsam of human activity...
Alas, not everything is pretty.

But in my walk I have also found
Beautiful frangipani bloom
Falling at the feet of a gnarly old tree,
Arresting my thoughts in its delightful yellow hue,
And in my walk I could hear the tree speak,
"Oh man, long ago it was when I was a sapling,
And a long time has passed since anyone
Paid any attention to me except for the neighbourhood dogs..."

So a hand that was not mine touched gently
The grey old tired tree and said,
“Subhanim Allah Sultanim Allah
Nabim Muhammad alayhi salam.'"

Thankfully not everything is ugly!
And every hurt has its balm!

The Walk. I walk slowly because I prefer to do so. Truth be told, I rather not walk at all. But Heche warned me... "If you want to keep dogs, you must walk them! Pets are for a lifetime, not just for Christmas!"

My dogs... Catmir and Dogmir. Woof! Woof!

Wandering into a Story. I don't actually go looking for a nice story to tell, if it happens, it happens. But sometimes you simply wander into a tale. And it is not actually yours... someone dreamed of this, hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago... and we are just living in our ancestor's future dreams - Nothing is new under the sun, I was always believe.

Mika coming home. I am happy this evening. I got some work sorted already, and I have some more work planned for later tonight. It gives me pleasure to work, to feel needed and appreciated. But most of all, I am happy because my son, Mikhail is coming home after a 2 weeks break with his mum Gina and his step-dad Herman, his uncle Prat and auntie Lyzz and grandma Nenek in America. They are flying somewhere over the Pacific Ocean right this very moment... Arrival is anticipated at 4.30am tomorrow morning. My brother and even my 78-year old dad want to brave the wee early hours tomorrow to greet Mika at the airport. They miss him as much as I do, I guess. 

From Left: Aunt Lyzz, Bart Simpson, Uncle Prat, Mika, Mum Gina, Grandma Nenek, Stepdad Herman

Have a lovely rest of the day, sunshine. God bless.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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