Monday, September 24, 2012

The Significant (B)Other - life, love, patience, man and woman

Wife: George! Take that ridiculous costume off!
Husband: Err... Not until you promise to be patient with me...
Wife: Just what did you do, George...?
Husband: Unconditional patience, love...
Wife: You married me. Not God. 

1.      Have patience, o’ friend
Have patience, o’ friend
For those whom you love with passion,

You say it is not easy anymore,
But passion without patience
Is a sure path to uncertainty
And human sadness.


I am afraid that patience
Is something you cannot
Ask for,

Patience you must learn,


If you are caught in a sudden turmoil
By the apparent failure of the one
Whom you love, remember
He or she is born, like you
To the family of Adam and Eve,
Who is weak, frail
And make mistakes.

Is there any other way
To look at your lover
But with a sense of empathy
And understanding?

That is God’s way.
But you are not God,
You say...


Yet He wishes for you
To follow His way
And be happy.

Is He not your God?
The Ever-Wishing For Your Happiness!

I guess you can call this prose a one-size-fit-all advice for couples of all different hue, creed and matrimonial status. It is not easy to live with someone. Sometimes we just need a little bit of space. And when you remember that we sometimes find our own selves barely bearable, I think most people should applaud themselves for having the patience to afford a space in their lives for another human being, to be their significant other. Especially when that other can be a selfish irritable crab. Like me.

He he he. So remember we are not just the significant other. We can also be the significant bother.

So I am happy to be surrounded by people who can still tolerate me, though I am a pain to live with sometimes. And of course, if you are in a one-on-one monogamous relationship, you must be doubly happy. That someone is hanging his/her hopes and aspirations for the future upon your shoulders, and asking you, implicit in a human congress, to be patient. Your other half is not expecting you to have God-like attributes. But at least, that you are on that way... and that you are inspired by God's attributes of Mercy, Compassion and Patience.

So be kind to the poor fellow. We men can be a bother sometimes, I know. But not all the time.

He he he.

Father and Mother now, this young couple. Bless their hearts...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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