Friday, September 14, 2012

The Manifest Reality of God's Own Happiness that is called You - leaving the labels behind and throwing off our mental chains

1. I have been writing
I am undecided yet.
For while my mind tells me
That it is all over, and
I must choose a different path,
There is a tiny voice in my heart
Which whispers to me,
“Do not decide yet!
God is with you!”

And sometimes, the voice is a little annoyed
And scolds me,
“o’Taufiq, have you learned nothing!”

And the voice continued,
“There are things that have killed your past,
There are things that will kill your future,
But you are in the present,
And there are things that have saved your past,
And there are things that will save your future,
So the choice is still yours, o’ seeker,
To choose as best you can.

We know it is not easy,
So we will advise you this,
Choose not while you are
In anger,
In sadness,
In despair
Or in envy.

Choose while you are
In a state of happiness.

And if you are not happy,
Then, look for happiness, both Real and Apparent,
For in these matters, the Veil of Happiness
Is not adequate.

And you understand, right,
That Real and Apparent Happiness
Is with the Lord, the Real and the Apparent?”

This little prose was recorded end of 2008. This is me, in constant need of assurance and guidance. And what is written 3 years ago, is still applicable. He he he. In fact what is written a decade ago is still applicable. Have I not improved, forever to be swayed and troubled like a Weeping Willow by the winds of fate? He he he. Yeah... this is me, alright!

Some readers are too kind, saying I am wise and funny. But if truth be told, were I wise, I would not write. I would be too busy living. Writing is not living, it is a little retreat I have built high in the mountains of my souls, far from the normal frantic life, away from the tumultuous crowd. Just myself, my dog Katmir, my thoughts and, of course, you.

I suppose I return frequently here to rest and reflect. To reinvigorate my spirit and energize my cells. Then its back again into the world, with its humans and Djinns, its trials and tribulations, its sweetness and bitterness. Bills to pay, work to worry over, and the dire burden of reaching my own high expectations.

But not just yet. A little later, perhaps. For now, walk with me, sunshine. And let us rest our inner eye in contemplating the manifest reality of God's Own Happiness that is called you. It matters not to me how you call yourself - Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Wiccan, Trekkie or Buddhist. Come with me and let us throw off our mental chains...

Have a lovely day, sunshine. wa min Allah at-taufiq
Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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