Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Blame Game, Joy and Sadness and the Presence of God in your heart - contemplation of love b.c. and a.c. ( before coffee and after coffee)

1. Sorrow and joy to God 
I must admit to you, o’ seekers, 
It is sometimes through sorrow 
That we learn of our Lord. 

Although perhaps we may wish 
For only joy to be the means 
By which we understand Him. 
Sorrow or joy, does it really matter? 
When both paths 
Lead to Him? 

Forgive me, sunshine. I must have been in a real gloom the day I recorded the above prose some 3 years ago. He he he. I think I was heart-broken. At least momentarily. But I (being a sinner) have little patience, you see. Not willing to keep it all in and just wait and see. 

I guess being a writer means I must find some avenue to vent my sadness and frustration. Whether I am with Him, against Him, or in some sort of ambivalent association, whether I am sad or angry, bitter or happy, depressed or joyful, it has all been about God. 

Like this morning. I went to bed last night feeling quite healthy really. Then I wake up this morning with some aches and sore limbs. "Why God? Whyyyy...?", I whined as I made my way gingerly down the staircase. He he he. But now it is different. With the caffeine coursing through my veins, breakfast already safely deposited in my stomach, I feel quite chirpy actually. And the aches are gone. Like magic.

After morning coffee and some reflection I think
I can conquer the world. Or at least get up
without feeling so achy and sore. 

So lest I forget, let me register my appreciation with God right here and now... 

Dear God...
Thank You, God. 
If in my forgetfulness, 
I blame You for EVERYTHING. 
When in my wakefulness 
The least I could do is 
To thank You for EVERYTHING. 

He he he. 

Have a lovely day, sunshine. And stop whining so much. 

He he he. 

Wa min Allah at-taufiq 

Hate has no place in Islam 
Love will show the Way

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