Saturday, September 29, 2012

I SAT BY YOU, O' HEART - Muhammad, His Nation and the Love Undying

Heart by C. Colombo

I Sat By You...
I sat by you, o' Heart
I attended your classes and later
I took simply to sitting by you
And not asking anything at all,

I sat by you, o' Heart
While outside a tempest blew
And upon the horizon
I could see a storm brew,
But you said and assured me,
"Make us a cup of tea, my love,
And of the weather outside, do not worry."

I sat by you, o' Heart
While nations come and go,
As empires rise high and fall to folly,
While Kings rule and lose their thrones,
As Queens succumb to love and tragedy,

I sat by you, o' Heart
For you were there with me 
Right from the beginning,

I sat by you, o' Heart
To learn your many ways true and fair,
Till no one can be seen there
Sitting on the chair,

Not me, not my thoughts
No wisdom left of me,
No more tricks for me wrought.

I sat by you, o' Heart
Contemplating your sublime beauty
Till there was nothing left of me,

I sat by you, o' Heart
O' Prophet of Ahad,
I sat by you, o' Heart
O' Muhammad....

The connection between the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), to the Nation of Muhammad, this raggedy band of ragtags called the Muslims is a love undying, a beauty without compare, a continuous communication without respite, not since the time that Muhammad (pbuh) was born, until the day he passed on, and to this very moment here.

If you think you know the Prophet, o' Muslims, you do not! If you think your thread bare reflection upon his compassion, love, mercy and beauty is a fitting and crowning achievement of your life thus far, it is not enough!

O' man... o' woman so utterly besotted by love, why take a small meager cup of mortal affection when there is a Sea of Divine Affection to drink from... to swim in... to sail or drown in...?

I am a broken chastised sinner but you are sweet and affectionate, sunshine. The chair is there for you, and the Heart of Muhammad awaits your attention and sweet affectionate contemplation.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no Place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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