Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good or Bad... Whatever! Thank You nonetheless for Everything!

1. Gee… thanks!
You remember, Me?
And you are giving thanks to Me?
Gee, that is so sweet of you.
For I am the one who Created you,
And I have been here all along.

Had I turned away from you,
Long would you have
Perished into a nothingness
More absolute than you
Can imagine. No one would
Remember you to write love songs
More sorrowful than any
Written by poets and the love-sick.

But the moment I created you,
Oh, how precious you seem to Me!
And it is from this single point
In a moment before time
That your history and life
Was already written
By your Consumate Love,
That is Me!

I am touched, really...
By your sincerity,

And your little appreciation
Of what you are able
To comprehend
Of the countless gifts
I have granted unto you
Makes Me... the All-Pleased
To be your Lord,

Someone once said to me, "Whenever you are moved to give thanks to the Lord, do it. For let's face it. We don't do it often enough. For the inspiration of gratitude is heaven sent, to bring the servant's attention to the loving presence of God." 

If you win a lottery, give thanks. If it looks like a beautiful day outside, give thanks. If your customer pays you early, give thanks. If you stumble down a staircase, give thanks. Because you could have fallen down an open manhole instead. If you stepped on cat poo, give thanks. For you could have stepped on a landmine. So even if life serves you a whopper of a problem, give thanks. Because an even BIGGER whopper was avoided, and that God (Bless Him) thinks you well able to deal with your present crisis.

For 'good' or 'bad' incidents, and the illusory nature of 'luck' hides a secret intimacy that God is calling unto you. But saying all this, I am the last person on Earth to ask God to send me 'bad luck' as means of conversing with Him. It is just sometimes, I know I can be forgetful, negligent and a down right scoundrel. So He sends me a curve-ball to knock me back to my senses. And even that... is a manifest example of His Love, to not leave this erring and foolish sinner forever the erring and foolish sinner.. So thank You.

No specifics today, sunshine. Just thanking God generally for everything and everyone. And of course, thanking Him for your company.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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