Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Wonder of God, Muhammad the Treasure-Hunter and the Treasure

O' My Servant, It is I...
I was a little tired,
Weary of the demands
Of this world,
Weary of this tired old pearl
That has passed down from Adam and Eve,
Through all our ancestors and finally
Right here and now, to you and me...
I stepped out into the sighing evening gloom
When suddenly, happily from nowhere in particular
A wind came and stayed constant,
Cool and with the slightest of rain
It banished away my hurt, weariness and pain,
I looked up and saw the clouds clearing away
And a bright blue twilight sky
Shining down on us poor souls,
And hearing a voice speaking -

O' my servant, it is I...
It is I who comes to His servants
When uncried tears form around
The wellness of their hearts!
And I am asking, "Lo, what is this
Pool of bitter sweet tears that forms
Around the Throne of My servant's heart?!"
And knowing as I know you all too well,
"Ah, My poor servant needs Me! Such is the pain
That cannot even be shed by the tears
From their eyes!"

Thus, you find Me here,

It is I...

It is I...

Magic. People look for magic and miracles. But it is all around us and it is all within us. It is in what we say and do, in what we feel and think. And yet, they are asking - miracles! magic! miracles! magic!

The Wonder of God. What for do they want such baubles and trinkets of Divine Power? Verily, is this world not enough for them to contemplate upon the Wonder that is God? Is not our bodies, our sight, hearing, senses of smell and sensation not enough? And truly, how absurd is humanity sometimes, that we are blinkered and do not see the gift of love that is our mind and heart. This is enough. This is more than enough. I think the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) found it strange why people are so enamoured with miracles and magic. Is not what you see, hear, feel and sense of this world not enough as witness unto the Wonder of God?

The Treasure
People seek power and knowledge
To acquire the treasures of the world,
But you are the treasure, of this world
And of the world Hereafter.

Muhammad the Treasure-Hunter. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the anointed treasure-hunter of God. This is only rightfully so because we are all treasures from the Khazanah of Muhammad (Treasury of Muhammad) granted unto him and for his reason alone. Do not let the Prophet(pbuh) do all the searching, look for him too! You have hands that can work, you have feet that can walk, you have eyes that can see and ears that is happy to listen to guidance. And even if you have none of the above, Glory unto God, you have your mind and your heart! Listen to where it desires to go... forever it is desiring the company of Muhammad Habibullah(pbuh), the Lord's Mercy unto all nations and worlds.

Am I not sharing a truth, sunshine?

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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