Monday, September 24, 2012

My Friendship with you, Mr. So-and-So and Ms. So-and-So - with God, masyaAllah... anything is possible!

Friendship In the Name of Muhammad
My friend,
Our friendship was a molten love
Set burning into a mould of love
That spelt ’In the Name of Muhammad…’

My friend,
Our friendship is borne upon a sea of tears,
Of sadness and happiness, as we set
Our sails to the wind,
Upon our ship called ‘In the Name of Muhammad…’

My friend,
Our regrets and bitter lessons
Were forged upon a high mountain pass,
And it is nothing but a bridge across
This yawning chasm of mortal reality,
And the bridge is called ‘In the Name of Muhammad…’

My friend,
This life, this precious love and friendship that we share
Is a band of gold long preserved in the smithy of God,
Worn upon a finger all too mortal and human,
But cast upon a spirit in loving servitude to Ahad,
And yes… once again

‘In the Name of Muhammad.’

It is my joyous and unearned blessing to find my friends in the Garden of Muhammad, the Prophet of God(pbuh). Smiling, loving, living, crying, tearful, angry, patient, succeeding, failing... but always inspired.

And dare I say it... some are here with me though they may not even be known as Muslims. For if the time comes, and by some sheer grace and intervention of Muhammad(pbuh) that I am brought to a Good Place of Good People, I must ask... "Where is Mr. So-and-So... and where is Ms. So-and-So... How can I be happy when they are not here with me?"

You know... I guess it is impertinent for a sinner such as I to conjecture such possibilities. After all... I am a sinner, what am I to do in a Good Place of Good People? 

But you, sunshine... You belong there. I know it and believe in my heart that you belong there. You are one of those Good People that the angels often whisper about... You are one of the saintly ones whom the Saints themselves like to gossip over a cup of tea. 

If you are reading this, then with certainty, it is you. My own immortal sunshine, my friend, my love...

God bless you...

wa min Allah at-taufiq

PS: Or alternatively, the Angel of the Good Place may reply to my earlier query thus, "Why... Mr So-and-So? Ms. So-and-So? Why... they were the ones who entreated with God Himself for your company! Let me take you to them! They will be delighted that God answered their prayers!" With God... masyaAllah... anything is possible.

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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