Friday, September 14, 2012

Love Covers Me Like Winter Fall - a light stirring out of the Chamber of Love

Winter Fall
I am unfolded tonight,
I am disquiet tonight,
Bended, twisted and turning
Looking for my Lord,

I am weary tonight,
Tired by a longing
To be with You, my Lord,

For they tell me You are Good,
That You are Compassionate and Merciful,
And that You will fill my cup of life full
And make my eyes see as how Yours do...
All perfect, all wonderful,
And cast away the terrible illusion
With an assurance from the All-beautiful You,

My spirit is thirsty tonight,
And I am thirsty for You,
I am waiting, beneath the Moon
And across the garden I see Your balcony,
And a light is stirring out of Your chamber,

I am not one to climb ivy covered walls,
Nor do I have wings to fly me to You,
The entwined lovers hear the wedding bells call,
But there is no sound perfect enough,
Nor a word of man’s making worthy enough
To savour Your company in a nightly pall
That encompasses whom You love…
As Love covers me like winter fall,

Do not Wait. My love, my friends, my sunshine. Let not Love wait upon your regrets and remorse. After all it is Friday, and broken, old or undone, you are still a beloved creature of the Creator.

For what is lost, may yet still be found.

So look for yourself, however far or near your journey takes you.

For surely, as I live and breathe, it will take you to Love,

To God.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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