Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vanity cloaked in Piety - this transient world and its illusory power structures

1.      We await you, o’ enemy! II
O’ doubt,
O’ deceiver,
O’ enemy,

For every moment that you take,
We have our Master,
For every move that you make,
We have His answer.

People are confused, distracted and tricked by this world. In the economics talk given last week that I had the privilege to participate in, a student from the audience asked, "Is there a shadowy elite group controlling the world?" This was following from a very good exposition by my friend Moses on the global banking and monetary system. 

The truth of the matter, and the one which I hold close to my conscience is that we are continuing to be fooled by the structures of power and control in this world. That someone has to be 'in power'. That someone has to control the levers of power. That if the right people are not in power, the wrong people are. Power, power, power. I am bored by it.

For my Master Muhammad Habibullah (pbuh) and through his Companions and Saints have made it quite clear that power comes only from God. And that anyone else claiming otherwise is a trickster. 

So I could not sit still, until I could attend to the young man's question. And before the curtain fall I heard myself speaking with a voice undoubtedly trembling with emotion (I am such a sop) ... "Yes. There is an elite group in charge of the world. It is Nabi Muhammad, his Companions and Saints. You only have to look at things differently. From the right perspective, this is the true reality."

But the right perspective is actually to let go of our desperate effort to assimilate this world view of power structures and power brokers in the context of Islam. For when spoken by a Saint, when he says 'power' he means responsibility, servanthood, compassion and mercy in the Name of Truth. It is nothing like the bleating of sheep with their conspiracies and ancient legends. For however the sheep or wolves-in-sheep-clothing plan to usurp some worldly throne of money and hegemony, they are beneath the Divine Plan. Their knowledge is nothing like Divine Knowledge. And their love for power, is nothing to the Prophet Muhammad's love for his people, humanity and all of creation.

Some thoughts to accompany you today, sunshine... while the worthless ones are going mad with anger, and using the blessed name of Muhammad for their own gain, calling unto Muslims to 'defend' the name of the Prophet (pbuh)... They are only interested to climb up this world's power structure. They are lost and they are misguiding people. May God protect us from such vanity cloaked as piety... and beckon our hearts to the true and compassionate guidance of the Prophet...

'There is no harm nor reciprocating harm, in Islam'
Saying of the Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him)

Take care of your heart, sunshine.

wa min Allah at-taufiq

Hate has no place in Islam
Love will show the Way

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